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Discover your vocation at Coleg Gwent

20 November 2023

Vocational qualifications like BTECs are work-related courses giving you the skills and knowledge for a particular career, and as joint top-performing college for vocational qualifications in Wales, we have a wide selection of courses for you to explore.

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Charlie's career story

Make It into your dream career: Charlie’s story

12 November 2023

Whatever your dream job may be, you can make it happen at Coleg Gwent! Find out how Coleg Gwent helped Charlie make it into is ideal career.

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Dorian Payne in an office

Meet Dorian Payne, Coleg Gwent Alumni

27 October 2023

Meet Dorian Payne, a 27-year-old accountancy alumnus of Coleg Gwent. He is the driving force behind Castell Group, a property development company with a mission.

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Students celebrating outside BGLZ

Congratulations class of 2023

17 August 2023

Today is a day of celebration for the students at Coleg Gwent, as they receive their BTEC, AS, and A-Level results. Our campuses are buzzing with excitement as hundreds of students gather for the annual Farewell Festival.

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Students celebrating with balloons

Results Day 2023 - students celebrate exam results at Coleg Gwent

17 August 2023

Students at Coleg Gwent - one of Wales’ top performing colleges - are celebrating today (August 17) as they collect the BTEC, AS and A-Level results needed to take their very first steps into higher education and new careers.

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Apprenticeship Awards 2023 students

Celebrating success at our annual apprenticeship awards

26 June 2023

The 2022/23 annual apprenticeship awards were held again this year, celebrating the very best of our talented group of apprentices.

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