How will the college know I'll need support?

If you think you’ll need support at College, please let us know:

Don’t be nervous, there’s lots of support available.  And don’t delay – the earlier we know about you, the sooner we can support you, so please get in touch.

There are lots of ways to get in touch:

  • You can email us
  • Talk to us at an Open Event
  • Ask your school ALN Co-ordinator or Careers Wales Advisor to contact us
  • Tell us about your needs on your online application form.

Individual Development Plans

If you have an Individual Development Plan (IDP) please ask your school to invite us to your review so you can tell us about your needs and we can discuss support.

We work with young people, their families, schools, Careers Wales and any other people who support you, to understand your needs and plan what your support should look like at college.