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Diversity and Inclusion

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Supporting Diversity and Inclusion

At Coleg Gwent, our core values promote respect and tolerance for all. We’re determined to do everything we can to make sure our college is a place where everyone, staff or learner, feels safe and respected. We should all hold the expectation that a place of learning will be an inclusive place that has the potential to change peoples’ lives for the better.

Our Diversity Statement:

We are an inclusive and diverse college where everyone is welcome. A place where you can be who you are without fear of judgement. A respectful environment, open-minded to different cultures, attitudes, beliefs and outlooks, where everyone belongs.

Our Diversity Charter:
No judgement: we are all different;Appreciate others views;Accept there's no right or wrong;Respect for all;Behaviours matter

We believe we must send a message of support to our colleagues and learners in ethnic minority communities and we must continue to strive to make our college welcoming to all, irrespective of their backgrounds.

Guy Lacey