Overseas Programme

The overseas programme at Coleg Gwent is aimed at providing learners with opportunities and experiences for travelling and working overseas.  The programme is designed to show learners that the skills they are learning in college are transferable anywhere in the world.

For some, there are also life-changing opportunities to travel further afield, including destinations such as Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, India, Tanzania, and Peru. These trips are a collaboration with the FutureSense Foundation, a charity supporting local rural communities with a focus on Education, Health and Livelihoods. The trips enable learners to play a part in delivering the charity’s programmes to low-income communities across six countries and are aimed at making learners become Global Citizens.

The overseas programme is funded through Erasmus+, Taith, and Turing all of which provide the funding for learner’s travel, accommodation, cultural activities and hospitality during the two-week visit to the overseas destination.

During the two-week visit, learners will take part in one of the following activities:

  • Traditional work experience
  • A work project
  • A global citizen–community work project

During the visit, learners are encouraged to fully participate in the arranged activities, which gives them a full and inclusive understanding of new cultures and ways of working.

Overseas visits  

In 22/23 Coleg Gwent has taken over 200 students to a range of locations including Barcelona, Italy, Nepal, Salou and Tanzania.