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20 November 2023

Vocational qualifications like BTECs are work-related courses, giving you the skills and knowledge needed for a particular career or job role. These courses are more practical than theory-based A-Levels, but that doesn’t mean they’re an easier option.

With BTECs, you’ll gain hands-on experience and you’ll be trained to the high standard that employers expect, and as joint top-performing college for vocational qualifications in Wales, we have a wide selection of courses for you to explore.

10 Benefits of vocational qualifications

  1. Get real-world experience in the area that interests you
  2. Learn by doing – vocational courses take a hands-on approach
  3. Gain practical skills that you’ll need to do a job and be work-ready when you leave college
  4. Find a pathway into employment in your preferred career and focus on your interests
  5. Apply theory to practice in real scenarios and projects
  6. Gain extra skills for employment, like communication and time-management
  7. Be assessed in a variety of ways, such as coursework, practical assignments and tests
  8. Get into uni – Level 3 vocational qualifications also earn UCAS points
  9. Earn a recognised qualification that employers are looking for
  10. Study full time and enhanced part-time courses FREE!

So, if you think a vocational qualification is more suited to your learning style than an academic course, you’ll find the course for you at Coleg Gwent. Hear what some of our learners have to say:

Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering Learner Macsen Davies decided to study Aeronautical Engineering after attending a Coleg Gwent open event.

“There are lots of different teaching techniques at college and the facilities are really good. They’ve got well-equipped workshops for practical work and loads of industry standard equipment like CAD 3D design programmes and tools for building circuitry online. I’m currently being sponsored by Tata Steel and hope to be offered an apprenticeship after this course.”

Complimentary Therapies

COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIES LearnersLevel 3 Complementary Therapies leaner, Sian Samantha Howells, plans to one day own her own business combining yoga and aromatherapy.

“I’d 100% recommend Coleg Gwent for the Complementary Therapies course. The course also helps you grow in confidence because you’re always meeting new people, and you get a huge amount of knowledge about the body – the course goes into so much depth! I look forward to going into college.”

Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

VEHICLE MAINTENANCE & REPAIR Courtney Williams has always been interested in cars, She wanted to study Vehicle Maintenance & Repair to turn her passion into a career.

“I was very nervous coming to college as a mature learner doing something I hadn’t done before, but it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. There are only a couple of girls in my class, but despite that, I feel like I fit in with the class – they’re all welcoming. I love learning the ins and outs of cars and learning about the auto industry. The facilities here are great and are like the industry standard you would find at most garages.”

Art & Design

Art & Design Level 3 Art & Design learner, hopes the course will help him gain a creative career in the future.

“I’d recommend Coleg Gwent as you get good one-to-one learning and the tutors are really nice. I’d also recommend Art & Design because you get to do a great mix of things every day, so you can be very creative in lots of different ways. I felt like this pathway suited me better than sixth form as it is such a creative course.”

Public Services

Public Services James Llewellyn is hoping for a future career in the Police Force, He chose to study Level 3 Public Services to help gain the skills needed to achieve his dream job.

“I didn’t really like school and thought there were more broad range of opportunities in college and that I could gain more independent skills. I would 100% recommend Coleg Gwent for a Public Services course. It gets you the steps you need to take you to the next level and give you the right education you need to excel.”


With a mixture of theoretical & practical work, the Level 3 Childcare course is preparing Emily Knorz is gaining the skills for her future career.

“I like learning about children & going to my primary school placement 2 days a week to practice what I learn when I interact with the children. It’s so good to get work experience like this for the future.”

Creative Media

Creative Media William Serna wanted to improve his skill studying Level 2 Creative Digital Media Production.

“I recently went on a college Erasmus trip to Tenerife. It was a short course to develop our photography skills and to visit and know more about other cultures. I like that the teachers give you a lot of freedom, they’re also really helpful.”


SportNetball is a passion for Lowri Stephens and she wants to go on to gain a degree in Sport so chose to the Diploma in Sport Development, Coaching and Fitness.

“I don’t do well with exams, so I went for the BTEC course. College is different to school, the tutors are really supportive but you are treated more like an adult.”


Construction Iwan Halliday enjoys the practical side of  Level 2 Plumbing.

“I enjoy the practical aspects of plumbing. It’s nice having a full day of practical work & getting to know the tools & fittings is great. We cover basic plumbing – things like bending pipes & soldering – as well as bathrooms, fitting radiators, guttering, & soil stacks.”


ScienceMudasser Younes Yacoub attended Newport Campus to study Applied Science after being interested in Science from a young age.

“We’re learning about things we can use in day-to-day life. With biology, I can help someone & use my knowledge to improve others’ lives & that makes me proud.”

Discover your vocation at Coleg Gwent. Apply now to study a vocational course and start your journey towards your chosen career this September with our range of free full-time and enhanced part-time qualifications.