Change your career: Robin's story

Make It as an adult learner: Robin’s story

20 October 2022

Do you ever wish you’d followed a different career path? It’s never too late to make it into a new profession with Coleg Gwent! 

College isn’t just for school-leavers. Our welcoming and diverse community spans all ages. With hundreds of free and flexible full time and enhanced part time courses available on your doorstep, Coleg Gwent is a great place to return to education as an adult learner to change your story.  

Mature learners join us for a whole host of reasons… Maybe you’ve got more time to study now your kids have grown up. Perhaps you’ve discovered a hobby or passion that you’d love to do full time. Or maybe you’ve just had enough of the’ 9-5′ and want an exciting new career. 

Whatever your reasons, you can make it work for you. As well as a wide range of free and flexible courses that are ideal for adult learners, we also offer financial support options to make it possible at Coleg Gwent. 

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Adult learner Robin studied Personal training at Usk Campus. He was nervous about going back to college, as it had been 27 years since he left school. But with a lifelong love of sport, he decided to turn his passion into his new career. Discover how Robin changed his story as an adult learner at Coleg Gwent: 

“I’ve always loved sports. I used to swim for Newport and I played golf at county level too. But it wasn’t until I put on a few extra stone after getting married and having kids, that I joined a gym and quickly lost 4 stone! I’d found a passion for exercise and was working out five days a week, and my girlfriend said why don’t you get a job in the gym? So, I researched it, found a course, quit my full time job and went head-first into achieving a new career. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done! 

Being a mature student was daunting, but within the first few days I made a lot of friends, some will be close friends for life. The course is fantastic – it’s so different from school. It’s all adults who want to achieve something, and it’s laid back but demanding at the same time. The tutors are exceptional – they really want you to achieve your goals and will do whatever it takes to help you through the course. As long as you put the effort in, they’ll go above and beyond to really be there for you. They’ve given me belief in myself, as I used to be quite shy. Having a well-equipped gym is a huge bonus too. The opportunities are endless, and the qualifications I’ve achieved have opened a lot of new doors and exiting experiences for me, and are continuing to do so.  

I’ve learnt so much in the past two years. I’m a spin instructor, circuit training instructor, walk leader, outdoor fitness instructor, sports massage therapist, exercise for children instructor, exercise to music instructor, gym instructor… All this in just two years! I now have six permanent classes in five different gyms, all thanks to Coleg Gwent. 

I’d highly recommend the personal training course to anyone who has a passion for sport or fitness. If you’re prepared to put the work in, it’s the most rewarding experience. Going to the gym to train clients isn’t like having a job; it’s like going to have fun. Every day is different, you meet new people, and you help them change their lives for the better. That’s what is on offer at Coleg Gwent!” 

Follow in Robin’s footsteps and MAKE IT as an adult learner with Coleg Gwent!

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