closeup of female student

International Women's Day 2019

7 March 2019

International Women’s Day (Friday 8 March) also lies within National Careers Week and National Apprenticeships Week.
To commemorate this national day, we’re sharing the success of our female students and their college journeys so far.

Level 3 health and social care student Rhianna Davies (pictured above) is going to university later this year to do a social work degree at the University of South Wales.

“I only decided late last year that I wanted to do social work; I enjoy helping other people and making a difference to other people’s lives. I enjoy the placements as part of my current course, I’m shadowing social workers, Flying Start and work with restpite and supported living assistance.
“I’ve secured a job with MENCAP with permanent, part time work in supported living services. I applied for it to get a job part time so it fits around my studies.”18 year old Rhianna almost didn’t study the course – “I was going to do A levels as most of my friends did this but I went to an open event at the college and listened to current students speaking about this course – you still get a good outcome from this; the same as A levels. I’m happy I went down this route.”

Level 2 Accident repair and paint student Helen Hagley, 44, is working to her 10 year plan.

“I chose this course to help team up with my nephew to run our own business. We’ll restore old cars; he’ll do the mechanical work and I’ll do the repairs and paintwork. After completing this course, I’ll look to do a business course and an apprenticeship for 2-3 years in the workplace.”I’ve been wanting to do this course for 20 odd years. As I’m a woman I was a bit apprehensive about joining but I thought I’m going to go ahead and do it! Turning up for day 1 has been my biggest achievement to date in college life – the rest has been plain sailing since!”

Shania Cording, Level 1 Brickwork student started on one of our Multiskills courses as she didn’t know what she wanted to do. After completing a module in brickwork, she decided to study this full time.”You get the freedom to work on projects, I really enjoy the practical work. You get good support from the tutors who also give you tips on employability. I’ll study Brickwork up to level 3 and then go into it professionally”My friends and family were shocked at first when I said I wanted to go into this but I’m gaining more confidence in the subject. My advice for people wishing to study this would be to just try it, even if you have no idea what you want to do.”

A level student Eve Tranter is off to Oxford University this year to study medicine and is training to be a surgeon.

A levels were most suited to me as they’re required for me to study medicine at university. College has given the skills to overcome future challenges I may face and taught me how to preserve with my work when I find things challenging.
“The transition from GCSE to A level is a big jump in terms of course content and additional independence but the tutors and library staff has helped with this; the support provided outside of lessons is the best thing about studying at Coleg Gwent. Never give up on your dreams and goals – hard work always pays off!”