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What our students say

Luke Florence, 20 from AbertilleryFoundation Degree Music Technology

I did the Extended Diploma in Music Technology so going on to the Foundation Degree was a natural progression – I’d enjoyed the course, I knew the lecturers, was familiar with the campus and it’s close to where I live.  I love the sound creation and sound synthesis elements of the course.  I like being able to express myself then bring together the different parts to create my own music. 

When I finish the Foundation Degree I’ll go to the University of South Wales to top it up to a full Bachelor’s Degree then I want to train to be a lecturer – it’ll be great to share my experience with the younger generation I’ll be teaching.  This course is a ticket to a different life for me.  From an under-privileged area to an opportunity of achieving something – I can’t wait to inspire others. 

The course is really affordable; I’ve taken out a student loan which I won’t have to start paying back until I’m earning over £21,000 a year.  The facilities are great and the lecturers are experts so it’s a really good investment in my future.

Martyn Nash, Cwmbran, Coleg Gwent

Martyn Nash, 23 from CwmbranFoundation Degree Business Studies

Having not enjoyed A Levels in sixth form, Martyn first came to Coleg Gwent to do a Level 3 Business course.  Having enjoyed the college environment so much, Martyn was thrilled to be able to progress to a university course in his familiar surroundings at the college’s Pontypool Campus. 

I didn’t realise you could do university courses at the college so when my tutor told me about the Foundation Degree it was the perfect solution. I wanted to continue my education, but the cost of travel or moving to another city put me off, but being able to do the Foundation Degree close to where I live meant higher education hasn’t been as expensive as people think it is – especially with the financial support I’ve been able to get.

It isn’t just the convenience and affordability that Martyn’s benefited from, but the work-related experience he’s got as part of his studies:

I did a work placement one day a week which gave me an insight into a career area I never even considered – marketing – but now I’m keen to develop my career in the industry and the skills and experience I’ve already gained, combined with the qualification, will hopefully stand me in good stead.

Martyn is now doing his final year at the University of South Wales – topping up his Foundation Degree, to a full Bachelors Degree. 

Foundation Degree Fashion Styling at Coleg Gwent
Caroline Olarewaju, 22 from Newport

Foundation Degree Creative Industries – Fashion Styling

Fashion Styling was new to me and I didn’t have previous qualifications or experience in the subject, so the Foundation Degree is the perfect way for me to get into a very competitive industry.  

After the two year Foundation Degree at college I’ll be qualified to go into the final year at the University of South Wales, after which I’ll have gained a full Bachelors Degree in 3 years – like my friends who went to uni at the same time that I started college.  

Being a Higher Education student at Coleg Gwent means I study independently but in an environment I’m familiar with – having done Level 2 and 3 performing arts courses at the college before, I knew what to expect – supportive tutors, great facilities and brilliant resources.  

The Fashion Styling course lets me be creative and individual, and the first class teaching and support I’m getting means I’ll be well prepared when I go to uni, and then in the real world.

Mike Vella HE Performing Arts at Coleg Gwent
Mike Vella, 27 from PontypoolFoundation Degree Creative Industries – Performing Arts

We’re going to New York in the New Year and I can’t wait.  For me, Broadway is where it’s at – it’s my ultimate dream to work there so it’ll be exciting to see a show or two and soak up the glamorous atmosphere, and take in the sheer size of it.

The facilities are brilliant. We’ve got access to state-of-the-art studios, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms and a performance theatre – everything we need to develop our skills in a professional environment. 

I did the Extended Diploma in Performing Arts ten years ago and I went on to university but my personal circumstances meant I couldn’t finish the course.  Now however, things are different and it’s my turn to shine!

Jamie_Robinson HE Graphic Communication at Coleg Gwent
Jamie Robinson, 20 from AbergavennyFoundation Degree Creative Industries – Graphic Communication

I’ve got two main tutors who are great – they’re both from different graphics backgrounds so between them I get a real insight to all areas of the industry – digital, print, working with clients, responding to briefs and coming up with concepts.

We have to work on live briefs so we have a class each week about the business side of graphic communication – like project management and finance – so we can transfer graphic design into the real world.

Doing the Foundation Degree at Coleg Gwent is perfect for me; small classes mean I get really good one-to-one support, it’s local so getting to college is easy and I don’t have the added cost of accommodation.

I’d recommend Coleg Gwent to anyone thinking of doing a Foundation Degree.  The staff are friendly, the facilities are top notch and it’s on your doorstep so it’s convenient.

Josh Marshall HE Forensic Science at Coleg Gwent
Josh Marshall, 19 from BlackwoodFoundation Degree Forensic Science

One of the reasons I wanted to do the Foundation Degree was for the 400 hours of work placements we have to do.  I’m doing mine at Welsh Water – testing samples in the lab.  I think having that practical experience on my CV will be appealing to employers as they can see I can apply what I learn in industry.

The practical work we do in college has given me a real insight into crime scene investigation.  We examine simulated crime scenes and take photos of potential evidence to analyse afterwards in the lab.  I like watching programmes like CSI and NCIS, although they’re very glamorised on the TV I really enjoying learning the science behind it.

I did my Level 3 Applied Science at Coleg Gwent so doing the Foundation Degree was a natural progression – I liked the lecturers and the campus atmosphere.  It’s worked out really well as staying at home means I’m not paying out accommodation costs, and being so close to home means it’s quick and easy to get to.

The Foundation Degree will hopefully help me get a job working with the police analysing crime scenes.

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