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Fees and financial support

Financial Support at Coleg Gwent, South Wales

A Higher Education course is an investment in your future.  And whilst there are costs associated with learning, whether it’s time you invest or your tuition fees, you may be eligible for financial support, which means it could cost less than you think.

Tuition fees for full time students 

Courses accredited by the University of South Wales and Aberystwyth University

Foundation Degrees, HNCs and HNDs accredited by the University of South Wales and Aberystwyth University are £7,500 per year*.

Courses accredited by the University of Worcester

Foundation Degrees accredited by this university are £9,000 per year*

PcET (Post-compulsory Education and Training) 

In 2018/19 tuition fees for PcET courses were £620 per 20 credit module* – you would usually study 60 credits in a year.

Tuition fees for part time students 

Tuition fees vary between courses so it depends what course you’re doing. To find out the cost of your course call Admissions on 01495 333777. 

Financial support

When you are studying Higher Education there will be two main costs – tuition fees and living costs – both of which you can get financial support for.

Tuition Fee Loan 

Whether you are studying full time or part time you can apply for a tuition fee loan.  This is non-means tested and you can borrow up to the maximum amount to cover your fee charge each academic year (up to a maximum of £9000)*.

Help with Living Costs ( mixture of grant and loan):

Some maintenance funding is based on the level of household income. This can be for your parents, or if you are over 25 years old or meet other criteria which makes it so that you are classed as an independent student. If you are living as a couple, then your partner's income would usually be taken into account.

The amount of maintenance support you receive will also depend upon where you live during your studies, i.e. whether you live away from home or with your parents.

You will need to apply for funding before starting your course, the sooner you do this the better, and do remember, you will have to reapply for funding every academic year. 

To find out more details of your funding entitlement visit the Student Finance Wales or Student Finance England (depending where you live) website.

Other financial support

You may be able to get extra funding if you have adults or children who are financially dependent on you. This extra funding can include:

  • Adult Dependants’ Grant (ADG)
  • Childcare Grant (CCG)
  • Parents’ Learning Allowance (PLA)

* All 2019/20 figures are subject to approval.  Please check the College Website and/or Student Finance Wales or Student Finance England (depending where you live) website for the latest information before you apply.  


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