Male using digital technology, and Coleg Gwent Student.

Get skilled today for tomorrow's future

2 July 2018

Did you know? Over 1,000 new growth jobs in the ICT sector are forecast by 2024 for South East Wales (Learning, Skills and Innovation Partnership, 2017), whereas Health and Social Work is predicted to have 44,500 new jobs advertised by 2024 (Welsh Government, 2017). By 2022, Wales needs 8,000 engineers (Working Futures,2012-2022).

This means, there are lots of jobs in these sectors that are unfilled, year on year, in your local area.

So, do you have a passion for the sciences? Are you clued up on the latest technologies? Do you have an interest in medicine or the health services?

There are businesses crying out for skilled employees skilled employees, like you?

Yes, that’s right. Here at Coleg Gwent, we have courses in these three areas to help you achieve a career in something you love.
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Did you know? 1 in 5 jobs require candidates with engineering skills, by 2022 (Source: Careers Wales).

Do you have an inquisitive but logical mind? Ever wondered how things work and why things fail? Or do you look at how you can better improve systems or processes? It sounds like engineering is for you.Engineering covers the four main disciplines: Mechanical engineering Mechanical engineering remains one of the most popular disciplines. The car you travel in? Automotive engineers have worked in a team to make it happen. Ever fancied working in a recording studio (but not behind the mic!)? Then sound engineering may be for you. Read up on the different types of mechanical engineering available.

Electrical engineerig: Electrical engineering has really taken off in recent years, thanks to advances in technology. The mobile phones you use every day? Electrical engineers have had a hand in making them. A number of electrical engineers work in the aeronautical, IT and renewable energy fields; there’s a number of jobs an electrical engineer can do. Browse them now.

Chemical engineering: The newspapers you see in shops? A chemical engineer helps make the paper. What about the deodorant you’re wearing? Chemical engineers will have tested out the product in a laboratory. Chemical engineering is a relatively new field, read more about it.

Civil engineering: Civil engineering refers to the different structures and processes that help preserve nature and the environment. For example, the bridge you travel over to come back into Wales? Civil engineers would have built that. Testing the water quality of a natural lake and checking the health of the fish in that body of water? That’s an ecological engineer’s job. Civil engineering is very broad, you can read the types of jobs associated with this, here. Typically, students who have an interest in maths, sciences and design technology study to become engineers. Be a part of the everyday, browse our range of courses in Engineering and apply now.

Digital Technologies:

Did you know? You could make up to £55,000 as a Computer Network Manager? (Source: Careers Wales website) Sounds good, right? Well, why not study the relevant qualifications to help you apply for jobs like this? Digital technology is continuously growing and adapting; companies are desperate to find technically savvy candidates to keep up with the latest trends, to help them stay ahead of the game. Digital Technologies doesn’t just mean Computing or IT, these technologies are used in almost every job you could work in; fashion, retail, charity. The list is endless.

We’re the ONLY college in Wales to offer courses designed by employers such as ICT leaders Cisco and Wolfberry so you’re learning EXACTLY what companies need from potential employees, guaranteeing you a step on the career ladder. What makes studying Digital Technologies so great here at Coleg Gwent is that you can get involved with real-life business projects, gaining invaluable experience in the workplace. Check out the Career Colleges Digital Technology course here or browse our range of courses in Digital Technology; there’s something for everyone!

Health and Care Wales has an increasingly aging population, putting more of a demand on our existing health services. Health and Care covers a vast area of services. For example, mental health awareness is a hot topic right now; so why not be a part of that conversation? Or, have you ever cared for a friend or family member and wanted to pursue a career in nursing? Did you know? We’re the ONLY college in Wales to offer courses designed by employers in the health and care industry in Wales? So you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re learning EXACTLY what companies need from potential employees. This provides a stepping stone into one of the many jobs you can do in this sector. What makes studying Health and Care so great here at Coleg Gwent is that you get to work in care homes, hospitals and surgeries as part of your learning. Check out the Career Colleges Health Care course here or browse our range of courses in Health and Care; there’s something for everyone!