Diana Williams Gold in Personal Training in Skills Competition Wales

Meet the learner – Diana wins Gold for Personal Training in Skills Competition Wales

25 May 2021

Name: Diana Williams
YMCA Personal Trainer Level 3
Usk Campus

As a qualified Physiotherapist who had worked in the NHS for many years, Diana gave it up after having children and worked as a Teaching and Nursery Assistant instead. But she found that she missed helping people improve their physical wellbeing and her interest in health and fitness grew. So, Diana chose to pursue a Personal Training course at Coleg Gwent as the best avenue back into this field and she’s grown from strength to strength.

Why did you choose your course at Coleg Gwent?

“I chose Coleg Gwent because it suited me in every way – from the course, to the distance from home and it’s lovely setting. I loved the look of Usk Campus and the course content really appealed. I also heard it had a really good reputation and knew of others who had enjoyed studying this course there. So, I was excited to dust down my knowledge of anatomy and physiology from many years back!

The only thing I was worried about was being so much older than most other students and probably not as fit. But somehow that never really became an issue and there was a real ‘can do’ atmosphere that really put me at my ease. Whenever I had an issue, there was someone there to help me. I felt really supported and enabled all the way through.”

What have you enjoyed most about studying again?

“I’ve honestly enjoyed every aspect of the course, even when it had to go online. The tutors have been absolutely fantastic every step of the way and I’ve had brilliant, supportive classmates. The combination of nutrition alongside the exercise aspect of Personal Training has made it feel very holistic and the balance of practical versus theoretical has been just right.

Obviously, we missed out on some aspects due to lockdown, but the tutors were very creative and did everything they could to give us the best possible experience in the circumstances. I love studying in the beautiful setting of Usk Campus and had glorious weather on all our walk fitness sessions. Looking back, I’m amazed at how well the course actually prepares you for the real world of PT work and am hugely grateful for the opportunities it has given me.

Studying at Coleg Gwent over the last year has really been life changing and provided opportunities that have challenged and developed me. My tutors Cerys, Chris and Joel have all been fantastic and supported us all every step of the way. Because of COVID, we didn’t get the chance to experience all the facilities and opportunities that would normally be available, but the people and the place have more than made up for that.”

What have been your proudest moments or biggest achievements at college?

“I guess one of my proudest moment was winning the gold medal for Personal Training in the 2021 Welsh Skills Competition. However, perhaps even more than that that, I’m really proud of how everyone on my course has achieved so much, often amid really difficult circumstances.”

Amanda Hartshorn Bronze winner, Diana Williams Gold winner, and Rhys Edmunds Silver winner in Personal Training in Skills Competition Wales

Left to right, Coleg Gwent’s Skills Competition Wales Personal Trainer Winners: Amanda Hartshorn – Bronze winner, Diana Williams – Gold winner, and Rhys Edmunds – Silver winner


What are your long-term career goals and how has college prepared you for this?

“When I went into this course, I didn’t actually think I would become a PT! I was really just getting this qualification as a stepping stone to undertaking the BACPR Cardiac Rehabilitation training. However, I’ve got so much from the course and I’ve been given so much encouragement that I definitely now will start working as a PT and see where it goes. So far, so good! The college really have been amazing in so many ways and something I thought I would never do now seems feasible. The boost it has given to my confidence is just huge.”

Any advice or words of wisdom for students thinking of studying this curse at Coleg Gwent?

“Honestly, I would encourage anyone who is interested in fitness or personal training to go on the course. You won’t get better tutors or a nicer place to study – there is even all new equipment in the gym!

I can only speak from my experience, but both of the YMCA courses I’ve done have been excellent and incredible value for money. You’ll have to work hard and probably go out of your comfort zone, but you’ll be supported and encouraged all the way through and come out actually feeling equipped to start your own PT business. There are so many opportunities for development during and after the course and I am hugely grateful for everyone who has made my experience so positive.

So, yes! I definitely recommend this course and hope you had as good a time as I did.”

If you’re thinking or returning to education after a break; re-training in a new field; or launching your career in an area you’re passionate about; follow in Diana’s footsteps with a course at Coleg Gwent. With full-time, part-time, and university-level courses, there’s something for everyone. So, apply now and Make It work for you!