Career college computing and digital technology learners

Career Colleges learners excel in computing and digital technology

8 July 2021

As a college dedicated to training the next generation of digital talent, our Career Colleges course is developed and taught to meet the needs of employers, making it a popular choice for many learners who want to pursue a career in computer networking and digital industries. This year, we’ve had 26 passionate and ambitious learners completing the Career Colleges BTEC National Extended Diploma in Digital Technologies Level 3 and each learner has excelled in their studies, setting them up for a successful future career.

This year, we’re extremely proud of our hard-working learners who have succeeded in the course, with 100% of those who were entered for the exams passing with flying colours! This is much higher than the regular Pearson benchmark data, and Head of School Tom Corrigan believes that the reason for the outstanding success of these learners can be attributed to their Career Colleges experience.

The Career Colleges BTEC in Digital Technologies course provides learners with vocational training alongside gaining real-world experience in their chosen industry, so they can see the relevance of theory and apply it to practice in the workplace. There’s much more to these courses than just classroom study, with students developing hands-on skills alongside learning the theory that underpins it all.

There are many roles you can consider with a qualification in Digital Technology! We work with employers to set high expectations and standards, so we’re confident that our learners will be leaving college with the skillset and quality that employers are looking for. Learners are exposed to real-life scenarios and projects where they can apply their knowledge and practice to the workplace, and this blended approach helps to address the skills gaps faced by local employers. Not only that, but learners develop employability skills such as prioritising, reliability, and time-management throughout the course, building their confidence and competence so that they’re work-ready when they join the workforce.

Meet the learners

So, what do our students have to say about their experience studying the Career Colleges Diploma in Digital Technologies?

Zacory Phillips from Rogerstone, said;

“I chose my course because I have always had an interest in Computing. I made my first program when I was 11 and have embraced this skill ever since. The modules were perfect for my needs and my interests, and I really enjoyed the facilities we had access to. The rooms for my course in the first year were new and made specifically for us, so we felt valued as students. The teachers were wonderful and catered for everything we possibly could ask for and worked with all the needs we set forward. The support system my department had in place was impeccable too. They were always able to facilitate anything we asked for and were always readily available if we needed help. All in all, my department focused their attention on any needs I had and helped me achieve my goals. The teaching and support system were probably the highlight for me because I got showed that teachers and departments do really care about their students and performance, whereas in High School / Sixth Form it seems to be more about statistics rather than student progression and growth. If you love computers and technology, you’ll love this course.”

Meanwhile, Alex Jones from Six Bells, explained;

Learner Alex Jones“Computing is a big passion of mine, and having a course more based on assignments suited me. I found that the course gave me a wide variety of knowledge regarding computing, enabling me to delve deeper into more sub-categories of it. Not to mention the teachers push and support you heavily while also ensuring you’re on the right track mentally. Coleg Gwent allowed me to feel more independent by enabling me to dress how I like and express my individuality, while also allowing me to choose my own subjects, which gave me more control over my education. This year I’m moving on to university to then become a software engineer. I feel like college supported me to figure out my path and what works best for me, allowing me to push forward with my passions. I believe that the support is incredibly helpful, especially for those with disabilities – the support I received was outstanding and it pushed me to open up about my struggles.”


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