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Drone courses

Coleg Gwent Drone courses
Learn to fly a drone and get your CAA licence at Coleg Gwent
Whether you want to learn to operate a drone or build on your existing skills, our courses can be tailored to your needs, no matter what prior experience you have.
Who are our courses for?
Pretty much anyone who uses or wants to use a drone – either for business or pleasure; beginners, intermediates and those looking to specialise.
  • Estate agents – to get those impressive shots to really sell properties
  • Media professionals – looking to perfect those aerial shots
  • Emergency services for search and rescue or tackling incidents
  • Businesses needing to inspect the finer detail you may not be able to reach in person, without the more expensive hire of other equipment – construction companies, offshore rigs and many more
  • Anyone else who has an interest in flying a drone at work or as a hobby*
What makes us different?
As the popularity of drones increases so do the number of training courses being offered.  But ours are different.  
Drone courses at Coleg Gwent:
  • Let you learn by doing rather than watching
  • Are tailored to your specific needs
  • Are taught using your own drone so you don’t learn on one you won’t use beyond the course
  • Include the basics of maintenance to keep your equipment in top condition
  • Offer an additional optional course to learn to edit your footage (link to course when live)
Learn from educational professionals
Have you ever been on a training course and found your trainer really enthusiastic but they struggle to get their point across?  There’s none of that with our courses. As well as being experienced drone operators, our trainers are qualified college lecturers so they know how best to convey their knowledge and help you get the practical skills our courses offer.
What now?
If you want to find out more about individual courses click on the links below
If you can’t find what you’re looking for we may still be able to help; call 01495 333777 or email us.
*Even if you’re not operating a drone for commercial purposes, regulations still apply

    Drone Business Course
    Crosskeys Campus £295 Short Course
    Drone Flying Masterclass
    Crosskeys Campus   Short Course
    Editing Drone Footage Masterclass
    Crosskeys Campus   Short Course

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