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Core values

Respect for AllWhat does this mean for me?

1.  Trying to make sure everyone feels included and listened to in all interactions with colleagues and learners

2.  Listening and responding to questions without prejudice

3.  Being aware of and responsible for how my attitude and emotions can impact on other people 

4.  Taking time to actively listen and endeavour to understand other people’s opinions

What doesn’t this look like?

1.  Jumping to conclusions and making assumptions 

2.  Expressing non-constructive negative or personal views of others and their opinions 

3.  Demonstrating favouritism 

4.  Encouraging or taking part in gossip


Solutions DrivenWhat does this mean for me?

1.  Embracing the College vision and strategy 

2.  Facing every challenge with positivity 

3.  Engaging with everyone to seek answers

4.  Taking responsibility and ownership of problems

What doesn’t this look like?

1.  Ignoring the issues and hoping it will go away

2.  Passing the buck to others

3.  Accepting that second best is ok 

4.  Being closed to ideas from others


Always Learner FirstWhat does this mean for me?

1. Treating all learners with respect and as individuals 

2.  Considering the impact on learners of every decision we take 

3.  Involving learners in the decisions you make 

4.  Appreciating our learners’ perspective – have empathy with them


What doesn’t this look like?

1.  Blaming the learners for things that are our responsibility

2.  Prioritising operational needs before those of the learners 

3.  Not being learner focused in our approach

4.  Not listening to and acting on learner feedback

Act with IntegrityWhat does this mean for me?

1.  Being fair, honest and transparent 

2.  Being a role model 

3.  Dealing with difficult conversations and situations 

4.  Being responsible and dependable

What doesn’t this look like?

1.  Indulging in bias or favouritism

2.  Turning a blind eye to inappropriate comments and behaviour from others

3.  Not trying to act in accordance with all our values, even when it’s difficult

4.  Blaming others for things that go wrong

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