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Health & wellbeing

Counselling at Coleg Gwent, South Wales

Health & wellbeing

Student wellbeing
Safeguarding our students, staff and visitors is an important issue to us. There is a designated person on each campus for safeguarding as well as a Head of Learner Services, both of whom ensure the wellbeing of all students.

Safeguarding means:

- Promotion of your health and development

- Ensuring your safety and care

- Ensuring you are offered the best life chances

- Protection from abuse and neglect

- Prevention of bullying and harassment

You’ll find more in our Safeguarding Policy.


Health promotion road showsThroughout the year our health promotion road shows visit all campuses offering you discounts on gym membership, free health testing, advice on sporting activities in your area and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle.  

Local national health organisations come in offering competitions, free samples, advice and information on health matters including stopping smoking, healthy eating, fitness & exercise, You can whip up a healthy breakfast on the ‘smoothie bike’, get your blood pressure tested, find out more about relaxation from holistic therapy students and much more – you’ll find out more when you enrol.


CounsellingThe move into a college environment is often an enjoyable learning and social experience. However we know that change is not always easy to deal with or adapt to, but you don’t need to try and cope alone.

Our counselling service offers a confidential, safe and supportive environment where you can talk over any difficult issue that is affecting your life such as stress, anxiety, depression, self-harm, confidence, drug and alcohol problems, relationship difficulties, eating disorders, bereavement, or if it all just gets too much.

Counsellors won’t tell you what to do, but they will respect your rights and will support you in making your own decisions. Due to the confidential nature of counselling, counsellors don’t report back to any staff unless you make a specific request to the counsellor that they pass on something particular.

You’ll find out more at induction.


Partner support servicesAs well as services offered on the campuses, we’ve got strong links with health groups and support organisations so we can help you access the support you need from the relevant organisations. Whether you need financial advice, wellbeing support or medical assistance, our Learner Services teams can point you in the right direction and support you through the process.


Healthy eatingHealthy body, healthy mind – that’s the ethos at the heart of Aramark who run our campus catering services.  The Aramark team offers a full range of hot and cold refreshments, always including healthy options, and have tips about how to adopt a healthy lifestyle at college in their Student Survival Guide.



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