Results Days – What you need to know

Exam results 2023

Good luck and we wish you all the best!

Thursday 17th August

AS/A Level, Welsh Baccalaureate, Level 3 BTEC, UAL, Rock School and NCFE results are restricted, they will be available via the Exam Results Tab in your CG Portal from 8.00am. For instructions on how to access this, please read the ‘How to access your results’ section below.

If you want to celebrate your achievements with your friends and tutors, learners are invited to Farewell Festival. A fun-filled morning with food, drinks and games – it’s not one to miss!

To get your ticket,  pick your campus and register via Eventbrite.

Thursday 24th August

GCSE, Level 2 BTEC, and WJEC/City & Guilds Health and Social Care and Child Care (Level 2 and Level 3) results are restricted, they will be available via the Exam Results Tab in your CG Portal from 8.00am. For instructions on how to access this, please read the ‘How to access your results’ section below.

Other vocational results

Some awarding bodies such as City & Guilds, Level 1 BTEC and EAL do not have a specific date for results. As soon as we receive the results, they will be available via the Exams Results Tab in your CG Portal.

Your results will be shown in your CG Portal which you can access via log in to your CG portal:

  • Select Already Enrolled
  • Enter your Coleg Gwent email and password
  • In the menu on the left of the screen, select Exam Results

You will see a table showing the following information:

  • Awarding Body – shows the awarding body who will issue your qualification. For example, WJEC, BTEC City & Guilds etc
  • Board Occurrence – shows the time that you studied with us. For example, 22/23 (September 2022 to June 2023) for A levels 6A23 (Summer exam series 2023)
  • Exam Code – Sows the exam paper/qualification reference number
  • Description – Details the paper name or the qualification name. The term CASH-IN is used by WJEC for A Level subjects when describing the overall grade. Therefore, if you are expecting a final grade for an AS/A2 please look for the term ‘CASH-IN in the title.
  • Grade – shows either the mark for the individual paper or your overall qualification grade
  • Certification date – The date of achievement
  • Certificate posted – If this is blank, we haven’t posted your certificate yet. A date will indicate the date that your certificate was posted

If you are expecting a Level 3 result, for example A Levels or Level 3 Pearson qualification on the 17th August 2023 or a Level 2 result, for example GCSE or Level 2 Pearson on Thursday 24th August, these may be restricted until 8.00am. If this is the case, you will see an exclamation mark (!) in the grade field until the results are released by the awarding body.

If you would like to query your results with the awarding body or request a copy of your exam script please contact your subject tutor or Head of School who will have all the relevant information to help you. There is a charge for this service, further information regarding the appeals process can be found in the Learner Assessment and Appeals Policy and the Exam Policy and Contingency Plan.


We hope you’ll be delighted with your results but please don’t worry if you haven’t achieved the results you were hoping for. Whatever happens on results day we’re here for you and we can help you find your prefect next step. If you would like to query the grade you have been awarded or would like a copy of your exam paper, please contact your course Tutor or Head of School (HoS) to discuss this further.

This infographic may help you decide the way forward. Fees and deadlines apply for these services, your subject tutor and/or Head of School will help you further with this, they can also help with:

  • General advice on your results and appeals
  • Personal support
  • Changing your course
  • Progression and your next steps

You can contact the Coleg Gwent Exams Team on if any of your results are missing. If you prefer to contact your Campus Exams Team directly, the email addresses and phone numbers for each are listed below:

We will post your certificates to you as soon as possible once we have received them. The date of posting will be updated in your CG Portal Exam Results tab under the column headed Certificate posted.

If your home address has changed recently or is due to change, please contact your personal tutor as soon as possible with the new details, or you can email the new address to the exams team who will update the information for you – don’t forget to include your Learner ID number. Once you have received your Certificate, please keep it in a safe place, duplicates are costly.