Vocational, A Level and GCSE Results

Everything You Need to Know

Updated Thursday 27 August 2020 


Results Days were a little different this year and we understand that this was quite a difficult time for everyone as awarding bodies changed their systems and guidance throughout the results period.  Here are some of the key points about results to help you.


Receiving your results

We receive results in different ways and at different times for different awarding bodies. Here’s a summary (See appendix below) of how we communicated results for different qualifications.  We’re still waiting for some results so please read on if you are in this group.

Haven’t received your results yet?

Some learners still have to complete assessments. If this applies to you, your teacher will be in contact with you shortly (if not already) to discuss this.


BTEC Results

If you studied a BTEC Level 1/2 Tech Award or Technicala BTEC Level 1/2 First or a BTEC Level 3 National, we’re still waiting for BTEC to re-issue these results, since they decided to apply Ofqual’s principles to grading.  We expect to receive these on Friday 28 August and we’ll email these to you as soon as we receive them.


If you still have questions about receiving your results, please email ExamsOfficers@coleggwent.ac.uk or call your campus exams department, who’ll be happy to help:

BGLZ:01495 333016

Crosskeys:01495 333491

Pontypool:01495 333196

Newport:01633 466007

Usk:01495 333640


Please note – due to Covid-19, we have a reduced number of staff available to take calls but all of the team are picking up emails and will respond to your query as quickly as possible.


AS/A Level Results, Advanced Skills Challenge Certificates and GCSE

Following the Minister’s announcement and the re-issuing of AS, A Level, SCC and GCSE grades, you should now have received your final results. Some of you have contacted us to ask if you can appeal.  


There are specific grounds on which you can appeal: 

  • College error:  there was an administrative error in the Centre Assessment Grades or Rank Ordering submitted to WJEC.
  • You believe an administrative error was made in submitting the centre assessment data to WJEC.
  • You believe that a result issued by WJEC was incorrectly allocated and / or communicated to you.
  • That there was some other procedural failing on the part of WJEC.


An appeal cannot be made on the following grounds: 

  • You disagree with the professional judgements made by your tutor/lecturer in determining your centre assessment grade and/or position in the rank order.
  • You want to question the moderation/standardisation model (s) used.


If you meet any of the above grounds for appeal and have evidence to support this, please download and complete the Appeals Form and e-mail to the relevant member of staff:

Jessica.Pike@coleggwent.ac.ukfor AS/A Level Appeals

Mark.harding@coleggwent.ac.ukfor GCSE Appeals

Victoria.Davies@coleggwent.ac.ukfor WBQ/SCC Appeals

Appeal forms must be submitted by Thursday 10th September 2020.

Well inform you within 5 working days of whether or not you have grounds for appeal.


If we feel you don’t have grounds for us to appeal on your behalf, we’ll let you know via email. If youre still dissatisfied, you can raise a complaint via our Contact Us page in line without Complaints Policy as long as you have evidence that the appeals process has not been followed. You cannot use the Complaints Policy to challenge your grade, only the process followed.

If we agree that you do have grounds to appeal, we’ll submit a request to WJEC on your behalf which will then go through an Initial Review by WJEC. This can take up to 42 calendar days to complete from WJEC receiving the application. If you’re waiting to confirm a university place, we’ll submit the appeals application as soon as possible, hence the deadline of 10th September to submit your appeal to the college.


APPENDIX – How we issued results

Qualification When will my results be sent out? How will I receive my results?
BTEC Nationals Level 3 13/08/2020 By first class post
AEA 13/08/2020 By first class post
AS/A Level 13/08/2020 By email at 8am
Edexcel Award Level 3 13/08/2020 By first class post
International A Level 13/08/2020 By first class post
Mathematics in Context 13/08/2020 By first class post
Project Level 3 (Extended) 13/08/2020 By first class post
BTEC Firsts/ Level 1 Vocational Studies 20/08/2020 By first class post
 BTEC Level 2 Technicals 20/08/2020 By first class post
BTEC Tech Awards 20/08/2020 By first class post
 CiDA/DiDA 20/08/2020 By first class post
Edexcel Award Level 1 & 2 20/08/2020 By first class post
 ELC(A) 20/08/2020 By first class post
 GCSE 20/08/2020 By email at 8am
International GCSE 20/08/2020 By first class post
iPrimary and iLower Secondary Curriculum (PLSC) 20/08/2020 By first class post
Project Level 1 & 2 20/08/2020 By first class post