Skills for Employment

Your Skills, Your Future!

At Coleg Gwent, if you’re studying a full time level 1, 2 or 3 vocational course, you will benefit from an employability led qualification in addition to your chosen course. The brand-new qualification, the first of its kind in Wales, has been developed and innovated by subject specialists and employers. The purpose of the qualification is to provide you with an additional qualification alongside your chosen course, to help you gain the skills and knowledge that employers are looking when you leave college.

The content is digitally led and has been developed with each subject in mind, so you can develop relevant and essential skills based on your chosen area of study. The Skills for Employment qualification will assist you in developing core employability skills in areas that employers look for such as; money management, climate change, Welsh culture, work related modules including communication in the workplace and much more!

The Skills for Employment qualification is unique to Coleg Gwent, so you won’t find this qualification alongside vocational study anywhere else!

The vocational skills module of the qualification will be the main weight of the qualification and is based on your area of study. You will cover areas such as; understanding skills needed for your area of study, relevant Health & Safety, understanding the tools and equipment needed and more!

The Work Related module is split into two parts and will be delivered as follows:

Part 1 – You will learn how to understand communication, develop acceptable communication and understand the impact of effective communication.

Part 2 – You will gain an understanding of the purpose of a Personal Profile, develop ways of gaining experience for a Personal Profile, be able to gather evidence necessary for a Personal Profile and develop the ability to compile a Personal Profile for a specific purpose.

The global warming element of the qualification will provide you with a basic understanding of climate change and global warming, it will help you establish how global warming affects climate change and give you the knowledge on historic and current factors contributing to climate change.

The money management module will help you understand the need for personal financial budgeting to assist you to be able to manage own income and expenditure using a budget plan. This is specifically helpful to those who are looking to start their own business following their vocational studies.

The Welsh element of the course will be based on either ‘Welsh Culture’ or ‘Welsh Language’. For those studying the Welsh Culture module, you will study Welsh history, traditions and the development of learning the Welsh language. For those studying the Welsh language module, it will allow you to verbally present simple information to others, respond to information from a work related article and be able to read and highlight key information from a job advertisement.

If you have any questions about the qualification, please get in touch with our friendly student recruitment team via (we welcome calls in Welsh) or call them on 01495 333 777.