Four ICT students

Empowering future women in the field of ICT

11 August 2023

Meet three students who are breaking gender stereotypes by studying ICT-based subjects with the aim of building careers in technology

In today’s ever-evolving digital world, Information and Communication Technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the way we live, work, and connect with one another. From artificial intelligence to data analytics, ICT is changing industries worldwide. However, despite significant advancements, the field of ICT is still largely dominated by men.  

At Coleg Gwent, female students are encouraged and motivated to pursue a future in ICT. Meet three students who are breaking gender stereotypes by studying ICT-based subjects with the aim of building careers in technology. 


Amy, ICT student on computerAmy-Louise White – A Level Computer Science, A Level ICT 

From a very young age, I’ve had an interest in technology. I’d often spend my time helping my dad fix computer devices, playing video games and learning everything I could from family members working in the field.  

During lockdown, I realised the importance of technology in our lives. It has revolutionised the way we communicate, learn, and unwind. This understanding was a significant factor in my decision to choose the A Level subjects I did at college. 

During my time at college, I’ve learnt how to code and have designed and created my own ordering system. I love a challenge and can get bored if something is too easy, and these assignments have really challenged me, while developing my technological skills! It also helped that my tutors, Sian and Claire, gave me so much support and help throughout which I am really thankful for.  

My next steps are starting a four-year apprenticeship in software engineering with SONY. After my apprenticeship, I hope to pursue a career within the company and possibly even teach others.  

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I feel empowered to be part of the small percentage of women in computing. It’s important to show that women can excel just as much as men in this field. I find it encouraging to see more female role models in IT, including YouTubers and models who specialize in computing. These examples prove to young girls that they can embrace their femininity while using their scientific abilities to make a difference. 


OliwiaOliwia Sydry – Computer Science (A Level Year 2) 

I chose to take up Computer Science at Coleg Gwent because I have a strong passion for animation and gaming. I think this area of study provides me with the most promising opportunities for my future career. 

I love how diverse the teaching methods are in the Computer Science program! It makes learning so much more enjoyable and effective. Each lesson feels different; sometimes we do team activities, and sometimes we do individual work. I also enjoy the way our tutor encourages and challenges us. The only thing I did notice when I first joined my course was that the whole classroom was filled with men, and I was the only woman. At first, it made me believe I had chosen the wrong course because Computer Science seems to be stereotyped to be “meant” for men. We need to do more to show young girls that we can succeed in this male-dominated industry. 

My next steps are to finish my exams and get the best grades possible so that I can get into my dream university, the University of South Wales. There, I wish to study animation.  


Aneesa, ICT student on laptopAneesa Ali – BTEC Level 3 Digital Technologies Year 2 

I was interested in this course as it provides experience that allows me to build the employability skills needed for a role in the technology industry. I liked the course as it offered me the chance to use modern technologies to keep up with trends and changes in technology. 

During my time on the course, I became familiar with different programming languages such as HTML5, CSS and Python. These skills are crucial for my career aspirations in technology-oriented industries, such as software development and web design. 

During my first year of college, I had the opportunity to lead a project for Amazon as the designer. Our team collaborated to develop a solution that promotes cyber safety awareness. This experience allowed me to apply my knowledge and gain new skills including creative problem-solving and teamwork. Throughout the project, we attended workshops that gave me the chance to network with professionals in the tech industry. Additionally, I created a personal LinkedIn profile, which will be beneficial for my future.  

During my second year of the course, I had the role of project manager. This involved communicating with our client and overseeing the team to ensure that all work produced met a high standard and was completed on time. Our success in the finals resulted in us winning the “Best Presentation” award. Additionally, I was honoured to receive the “Coleg Gwent Student of the Year” award.  

Currently, I am applying for degree apprenticeships and have been attending interviews. I also have a conditional offer from Cardiff University. 

At Coleg Gwent, we prioritise embracing diversity and encouraging young women to pursue careers in technology. Our goal is to establish an environment where every young woman feels empowered to embark on a fulfilling and impactful journey in the world of Information and Communication Technology. 

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