Coleg Gwent staff commit to complete anti racism training

27 September 2023

Paving the Way for Change

As a college, we’re proud to be a diverse and inclusive community where there’s no place for racism and everybody is treated fairly. This is underpinned daily in our core values and reinforced by our diversity charter. 

In line with the Welsh Government’s aspiration for an antiracist Wales by 2030, we stand in solidarity to say no to all forms of racism. As part of this commitment, we have successfully launched Phase 1 of our anti-racism training delivered by Race Council Cymru and are pleased to report that 90% of our staff have completed the training. Phase 2 is confirmed to start in November 2023. 

It started with a vision: to create an environment where everyone at college could thrive, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, or background. Realising that change must begin from within, we implemented our anti-racism training programme that is mandatory for all staff members. The aim of the programme was to raise awareness about unconscious biases, understand systemic racism, and equip staff with the necessary tools to foster an inclusive atmosphere. 

We wanted the training to provide staff with the opportunity to engage with the core principles of anti-racism, ensuring that educators are aligned, well-prepared and knowledgeable about the short and long term aims of this work, and why it is so important to our college community. 

During the training, our staff were presented with real-life situations and case studies that aimed to help us understand the importance of creating an inclusive and diverse environment. The training also facilitated constructive dialogue between staff members and encouraged them to talk openly about issues related to race and discrimination, while embracing their unique identities. As a result, the college now enjoys an atmosphere of trust and respect, which allows staff members to have open and courageous discussions. 

Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing Manager, Nkechi Allen Dawson said: “Anti-racism training exists to help people understand how to create an environment where all employees feel supported and are able to grow, thrive, and advance. The college is conscious that we need to implement a multi-pronged approach that includes anti-racism education aimed at centring safety, reducing harm, and removing structural and systemic barriers. We believe that high-quality anti-racism education for our staff is essential, and we believe that this education should be ongoing so, we will be commencing phase 2 of the Anti-racism training to cover all new and existing staff as part of an annual refresher in the new academic year”.  

Reflecting on our journey, we are reminded that significant change can happen when people work together with dedication. This accomplishment is just one step on our journey to becoming an Anti-racist college. 

We want to encourage everyone to get involved and be allies for change at Coleg Gwent because equality, diversity and inclusion are not one person’s job, but a collective responsibility. Together, we can make our college a safe and inclusive space for all.

Well done, everyone. 

To find out more about the work we are doing to promote Diversity and Inclusion at Coleg Gwent, visit: Spotlight on diversity and inclusion at college – Coleg Gwent