Coleg Gwent awarded as a member of the National Network of Colleges

Coleg Gwent on Track with New Rail Partnership

8 June 2018

Coleg Gwent partners with the National Skills Academy Rail (NSAR) to become a member of the National Network of Colleges (for Rail).

What is the National Skills Academy Rail?

NSAR has been established to deliver a modern and efficient railway by developing a highly skilled and productive workforce. They recently announced their ‘National Training Partnership’ programme which enlists the Network of Colleges and Training Providers to integrate education into professional development and training.

Coleg Gwent will be joining the likes of National Rail and Transport for Wales as part of this initiative.

Does this affect the workforce in Wales?

According to NSAR’s report on ‘Today’s available Workforce’, the number of younger employees in Wales is lower than the UK average in this sector.

In 2017, 96 individuals of the current railway workforce were on target to reach retirement age, where as it is expected to reach 214 in 2020. This highlights the need and the rail industry welcomes younger generations to filter in to the rail industry to address the skills gap.

How does Coleg Gwent play a part?

Coleg Gwent has decided to partner with NSAR to promote rail related careers and apprenticeships among our learners here at the college. The partnership can help secure a career for our students in some industry leading organisations.

If you are interested in a career in the rail industry, check out our vocational courses.