Male using digital technology, and Coleg Gwent Student.

Coleg Gwent is the first college in Wales to be part of Career Colleges initiative

17 May 2018

What is Career Colleges?

Career Colleges are specifically designed to offer courses that support regional demand for skills and training. The course content is designed by employers so that these technical and vocational pathways ensure students are fully equipped with the skills, knowledge and learning that they need to make them more employable.

As Career Colleges provides closer links with industry, this helps address the demand for more opportunities to experience the world of work and help diminish a national skills shortage.

How does Coleg Gwent play a part?

Much of the focus of the scheme is to offer work-based learning placements to students as part of their courses and Coleg Gwent will be partnering with some of the area’s biggest employers to ensure that courses are tailored to their ongoing employee requirements.

It will focus on jobs in the digital and care sectors, specialising in designing courses alongside local and regional businesses that will best fulfil the requirements of that particular job market. Why Career Colleges?

The Career Colleges Trust interviewed more than 1,000 youngsters recently, with almost half of them saying they had not been offered any work experience by their school, with half organising their own placement.

How do employers benefit?

Learners will leave the programme equipped with a portfolio of qualifications and experience that mean they are work-ready for the employers who have assisted in the development of the courses.

Where do I sign up?

Any prospective employers in the digital and health care sectors who are interested in being involved in this initiative should contact