Augmented Reality in Health and Social Care

25 May 2022

As a forward-thinking college, we’re always looking for ways to bring learners the newest technological advances to complement their learning. Our Health and Social Care learners are the latest to be at the receiving end of some exciting new technology as part of their studies – augmented reality.

Through a series of specially designed augmented reality videos set up by MX Reality, Health and Social Care learners can get up close to a range of care settings and environments, preparing them for their work placements. Through augmented reality simulations, learners can get a feel for the different health and care settings they might work in during their careers, from hospitals to care homes.

With the qualification requirements in mind, eight videos were created by MX Reality in partnership with Coleg Gwent, several other colleges across Wales, and some health and social care apprenticeship providers. Staff worked with MX Reality and partners to put together storyboards which eventually became the videos we have today.

The videos were designed to give learners an insight into working in the sector by reflecting the real world in an immersive digital experience. The augmented reality software is based on gaming, where the learner is the avatar, so in each scenario, you could be a Health Care Support Worker or Carer in a hospital or care home, gaining a realistic insight into the role and the environment you’re working in.

Enhancing teaching and learning through augmented reality

As part of their course, Health and Social Care students are required to complete a number of hours on placement and the augmented reality scenarios are a great way to introduce them to what they may encounter on their placements, especially if they’ve never worked in this sector before.

The augmented reality simulations can be used by our teaching staff to educate learners and test their knowledge throughout the course, bringing another dimension to teaching and learning to the Health and Social Care courses at Coleg Gwent. The interactive scenarios simulate real-life situations and replicate work environments and equipment, so learners can gain a realistic experience and understanding of the health and care industry from the classroom.

Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality isn’t based on wearing a headset, which can be an issue for some students. So, augmented reality scenarios are a more accessible option that can be used by anyone. This means that the software benefits all learners on our level 2 and level 3 Health and Social Care courses, preparing them for their future careers.

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