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Spirituality at Coleg Gwent, South Wales


Our Spirituality team can help you develop and understand your spirituality.  We offer:  


• Help and support at times of spiritual need and/or crisis

• Support for individuals, groups and communities that wish to practise their faith and beliefs

• An inclusive support service offering information, advice and guidance in relation to a range of equality and wellbeing issues 

• Confidential pastoral spiritual support

• Workshops and tutorials for learners on topics relating to spirituality, equality and diversity

• Access to recognised faith leaders and support services in the communities of the college for support

• Information on equality and diversity matters, such as hate crime, and awareness amongst learners and staff


Whilst you can find out more about faiths of the world, and get help with meditation and prayer, the service is open to all and covers a whole range of areas of wellbeing.


Whether you’d like help having lost someone close to you, you’re looking for answers to life’s ‘big questions’, you’re worried that a friend may be in danger or you need help staying on track and just want to talk – whatever you want help with, we’re here for you.


The Spirituality team also works closely with the Community Safety partnerships, the Police, the South Wales Racial Equality Council and the All Wales Hate Crime Forum.


For more information contact spirituality@coleggwent.ac.uk or call 01495 333638.



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