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Adult Skills Centre

Adult Skills Centre, Usk, Coleg Gwent
We’ve been working with adults with learning disabilities for over 30 years and our recent renovation of the centre in Usk means our students have access to even better facilities – everything they need to develop skills, socialise with others and fulfil their potential.
Adults with mild to moderate learning disabilities can enjoy wide open spaces in our safe rural setting.  Our experienced and qualified staff make our students’ experience fun, friendly and meaningful.
We work with local authorities and directly with individuals, tailoring each student’s experience to their own individual needs.
 Adult Skills Centre, Usk, Coleg Gwent

Students can develop a whole range of skills:
• Social and independence 
To build confidence, spend time with others and integrate in an educational setting
• Health and safety
Including safety in the home, personal hygiene and wellbeing
• Arts, crafts and woodwork
Making bird boxes, building and painting garden furniture and other fun practical activities 
• Cookery and food preparation 
Preparing meals, making snacks and baking cakes
• Horticulture 
Planting, watering, feeding, nurturing and harvesting seeds and plants
• Animal care
Feeding, cleaning and caring for our furry friends – rabbits, chickens and fish
• Community involvement 
Including a community veg co-op and volunteering opportunities to make a difference
Access to education
We support many of our students through formal qualifications including horticulture, other land based courses and literacy and numeracy.  Students do this in a non-pressured environment so they can make the most of their opportunities to develop life skills and even prepare them for work or further study.
What our students think
Adult Skills Centre, Usk, Coleg Gwent
Kate Bass, 31 from Abergavenny
Without the support from staff, Kate wouldn’t have had the confidence or motivation to learn to drive, but she’s now had a number of lessons and is ready to take her theory test.
I can’t wait to pass my test.  It will mean I don’t have to rely on my granddad to drive me – I’ll have my independence and more freedom.  I wouldn’t have taken the plunge without the encouragement from the staff at the centre. I’ve got some good friends here – the other students and staff are really nice.  I enjoy looking after the rabbits and the chickens, and watering the tomatoes and the hanging baskets. Coming to the centre two days a week has really improved my confidence which has made me enjoy the rest of my week even more – I volunteer at a charity shop, play in a darts team and present my own show on Able Radio.

Adult Skills Centre, Usk, Coleg Gwent 
Luke Davies, 21 from Monmouth
Since starting at the centre two years ago, Luke’s conquered his shyness and is now on a mainstream agriculture course planning to get a job on a farm.
I left school and started at the centre when I was 19 and at first I was very quiet and shy but being around other people in such a friendly environment helped bring me out of my shell. I really enjoyed gardening at the centre and being outside so I chose to do a Level 1 agriculture course.  I’ve learned to look after the animals, operate farm machinery and drive a tractor, and I’m looking forward to starting Level 2 in September. I still pop in to the centre to see everyone and I still get as warm a welcome as I did on my first day, and feel just as at home.
Adult Skills Centre, Usk, Coleg Gwent
Jim Smith, 54 from Rogiet
Jim has been coming to the centre for over 20 years and has enjoyed every minute, but he’s especially happy with the improvements that have been made in the last 12 months.
The centre is a very important part of my life so it’s great that the staff have spent time doing it up.  It’s a very friendly group of staff and I get on with the other students too. I like to be busy which is great at the centre as there’s always something to do – painting the garden furniture, maintaining the minibus and watering the gardens. I’ve also done a number of courses whilst I’ve been here which have given me skills I use every day – gardening, personal progress, managing money and healthy living.
What next?
The centre can become a fun environment for students to socialise in, and provide respite for carers. We’re open Monday to Friday, 9.30am-3.30pm, 48 weeks a year and can arrange transport if needed.  
To find out more or arrange a trial at the centre call 01495 333687.

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