UN Cultural Diversity Day posters, food and speaker

Coleg Gwent’s Celebration of UN Cultural Diversity Day

7 June 2023

In a world that thrives on diversity, it is crucial for us to foster an environment that celebrates and promotes cultural diversity

The UN Cultural Diversity Day, which took place on May 26, 2023, serves as a reminder of the importance of recognising and appreciating different cultures and traditions.  

At Coleg Gwent, we take pride in our commitment to inclusivity and celebrated together with an event that not only paid homage to Cultural Diversity Day but also tantalised taste buds with an array of delicious dishes from around the globe.  

On Friday, 26th May, staff at Coleg Gwent including members of the Race Equality Affinity Network and ED&I steering group gathered with learners in a celebration of food and culture to share traditions, stories, and experiences.  

UN Cultural Diversity Day attendees laughing

In addition to the culinary feast, students and staff enjoyed performances from motivational speaker, Bablu and musician, Josh Whyte.  

Nkechi Allen-Dawson, Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing manager at Coleg Gwent, said: “For UN Cultural Diversity Day, I wanted to encourage our staff and learners to join us in celebrating the different ‘variants’ of us and advocate for ways to protect and promote cultural diversity in their own communities. In this way, all will be included, and no one will be left behind”. 

Event attendee, Mukti said: “What a beautiful presentation of diversity and culture by Coleg Gwent. I loved that it was represented through the pallet of foods around the world that we were welcomed to taste, as well as the guessing game of where the foods originated from. Altogether an experience that inspired me to be more involved in events like this which promote our cultural identities. Well done to all the staff that were involved in this event”. 

UN Cultural Diversity Day food map

By experiencing different cultures first-hand, students and staff were given the opportunity to learn from one another, gain fresh perspectives, and develop a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of each culture. 

Event attendee, Nadia, said: “The event was nice to be a part of. Everyone was welcoming and it was a comfortable environment. It was nice to learn new things about different cultures and a great way to get people from different cultures together”. 

Nicola Gamlin, Vice Principal at Coleg Gwent said: “It was so nice to take some time to celebrate our rich diversity with such a wonderful group of individuals. Thank you for inviting me!” 

The positive impact of our efforts to support UN Cultural Diversity Day extends far beyond the event. By actively engaging in activities that celebrate cultural diversity, our students and staff develop skills that are essential for success in today’s globalized world.  

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