BPEC ACS Gas Renewal

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Subject Area

Subject Area

Mode of Study
Mode of Study
Part Time Day

City of Newport Campus

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In a nutshell

The domestic gas industry is highly regulated, with assessment provided under the Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS). The college's ACS Gas Centre is an approved BPEC centre offering a wide variety of domestic gas courses ideal for experienced plumbers. On successful completion, you’ll be eligible to apply for registration with Gas Safe.

This course is for...

…those who have completed a relevant managed learning programme.

...those who may need re-assessment.

Course content

The College carries out a wide variety of assessments. Certificates are valid for five years after which re-assessment is needed. Training is not a pre-requisite for re-assessment, but it can be provided by the college upon request. To complete intial assessments, you must hold a certificate to evidence you have completed a relevant managed learning programme.

You'll be assessed on your competence to carry out gas work safely in the following areas:

  • CCN1 - Core domestic gas safety which includes CPA1 (combustion performance analysis natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas)

Please note candidates must hold CCN1 before completing assessment on the following appliances:

  • CENWAT - Install, exchange, commission, disconnect, service, repair and breakdown of domestic gas fired central heating and hot water boilers and circulators, combination boilers, storage water heaters and instantaneous water heaters.
  • CKR1 - Install, exchange, service, repair, breakdown and commission of domestic gas cooking appliances
  • HTR1 - Install, exchange, service, repair breakdown and commission domestic open balanced and fan assisted flued gas fires and wall heaters
  • MET1/2 - Install, exchange, remove and commission domestic gas meters
  • CMDDA1 - Carbon monoxide and combustion performance testing using electronic portable gas analysers, and detailed investigation of appliances

Once you’ve completed CCN1 Core Domestic Gas Safety you can progress to the above domestic appliances and you'll also be eligible to complete changeover from domestic gas to domestic LPG:

CONGLP1PD Changeover domestic gas to domestic LPG for permanent dwellings

CONGLP1LAV Changeover domestic gas to domestic LPG for leisure accommodation

CONGLP1RPH Changeover domestic gas to domestic LPG for residential park homes

HTRLP2 Closed flue gas fires

Entry Requirements

To enrol on this course, you must either:

  • Hold a current ACS certificate and need reassessment


  • Hold an expired ACS certificate (if over 12 months, you will need an initial assessment)


  • Hold a certificate to evidence you have completed a relevant managed learning programme

Additional information

Course fees are as follows:

Initial assessment and training:



Includes 4 days of training and 2 days of assessment

CCN1 + 1 Appliance


Allow an additional 0.5 days for training and 0.5 days for assessment

CCN1 + 2 Appliances


Allow an additional 1 day for training and 1 day for assessment

CCN1 + 3 Appliances


Allow an additional 1.5 days for training and 1.5 days for assessment

CCN1 + 4 Appliances


Allow an additional 2 days for training and 2 days for assessment

Re-assessment and training:



Includes 2 days of refresher training and up to 2 days for assessment

CCN1 + 1 Appliance


CCN1 + 2 Appliances


CCN1 + 3 Appliances


CCN1 + 4 Appliances


Allow extra time for assesment.

Re-Assessment only (no training):



CCN1 + 1 Appliance


CCN1 + 2 Appliances


CCN1 + 3 Appliances


CCN1 + 4 Appliances


Changeover from domestic gas to domestic LPG

Re-assessment only (no training)






£75 (Fee when taken at the same time as either CONGLP1PD,CONGLP1LAV or CONGLP1RPH)

For upcoming training and assessment dates please email hello@coleggwent.ac.uk or call us on 01495 333 777.

Where can I study BPEC ACS Gas Renewal?

City of Newport Campus
(Part Time Day)

All courses may be subject to change and cancelled if deemed not viable to run.

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