AQA A Level Philosophy Level 3

Key Information

Subject Area

Subject Area
A Levels



Mode of Study
Mode of Study
Full Time

Torfaen Learning Zone

Start Date

Start Date
03 September 2024


2 years

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

To enroll on this course, you’ll need a minimum of 5 GCSEs, Grade C or above, to include Grade B in English and Mathematics and one other Humanities subject.

In a nutshell

A Level Philosophy is a unique and challenging course that explores four unique areas of philosophical thought. In the subject you will consider the nature of reality, wrestle with the moral philosophy and the concept of ‘good’ and consider, from a secular perspective, the origins and purpose of the universe. You will engage with the greatest thinkers in human history as well as debate some cutting-edge theories concerning human freedom and consciousness.

This course is for you if... find yourself asking, and attempting to answer, fundamental questions such as:

  • What is knowledge?
  • Do we see the world as it is, or is our perception of the world misleading?
  • Does God exist and what is the problem of evil?
  • What is the nature of mind and can we explain the mental purely in terms of the physical?
  • What is ‘good’ in terms of morality, and what is the nature of moral language?

What will I be doing?

The course is divided into four parts:

  • Epistemology (Theory of Knowledge)
  • Moral Philosophy
  • Metaphysics of God
  • Metaphysics of Mind

In each of these areas you will engage with the writings and ideas of some of the greatest minds in history to help you wrestle with the questions above as well as many more. Your studies will involve an engagement with set texts, fiery debate and essay writing.

The course is a two year linear A Level. There will be no AS Level exam after the first year.

You will be assessed by 2 x 3 hour papers.

Upon completion of this course you will achieve:

  • A Level Philosophy

What is expected of me?

To enroll on this course, you’ll need a minimum of 5 GCSEs, Grade C or above, to include Grade B in English and Mathematics as well one other Humanities subject such as History or Religious Studies.

Full commitment to attendance is required, as is respect for others, enthusiasm for the subject and self-motivation. You’ll be continually assessed and there’s an expectation that you’ll continue your studies and wider reading during your own time.

What comes next?

Philosophy is a challenging and well-regarded A Level. Universities and employers look upon the subject as academically challenging and a more than useful subject for a variety of degrees and employment paths. Philosophy is a useful subject for those considering careers in ethics (medical, policy-making etc), law, government, civil service, journalism, business, academia and education.

Additional information

Where possible students will be provided with copies of relevant set texts. There are two textbooks associated with the course that students would be advised to purchase. Additionally, as they arise, there will be opportunities to participate in philosophy webinars, lectures, talks and other events deemed relevant to the discipline.

Where can I study AQA A Level Philosophy Level 3?

Torfaen Learning Zone
(Full Time)
Start Date: 03 September 2024

All courses may be subject to change and cancelled if deemed not viable to run.

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