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AS level Welsh students visit North Wales

AS level Welsh students visit North Wales

Coleg Gwent A Level trip
Coleg Gwent AS Welsh students visit North West Wales to visit venues and areas that are relevant to their course work and forthcoming examinations.

The students visited Aberwystwyth, Caernarfon, Llanfair PG, Bangor and Trawsfynydd on a two day trip.

Day one included a guided tour of the National Library of Wales followed by a presentation of the history of the village Tryweryn and a visit to Bangor University, where they had a lecture on the film ‘Patagonia’.

Coleg Gwent A Level trip

They then visited Llanfair PG, this was an opportunity to stand beneath the sign of the town with the longest name in Europe. In the evening they watched the Welsh musical production of “Ker-Is” at Caernarfon’s Galeri Theatr documenting a famous Brittany legend through the welsh language.

On the final day, they visited the actual controversial reservoir made on the site of Tryweryn and the former home of the Welsh poet Hedd Wyn. Students also had a surprise appearance from the nephew of Hedd Wyn.

Coleg Gwent A Level trip

Carrie-Ann, Welsh AS Level student said “The trip was very interesting, and I learned a lot more about the Welsh Culture. It has benefited my Welsh work a lot as I have been able to apply my new knowledge to my work. I enjoyed the trip as it allowed me to form new friendships and learn more about the country I live in.”

This trip is open to all AS level Welsh students and is run annually. To find out more about courses held at Coleg Gwent, click here.
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