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Staff take control with workplace training

Staff take control with workplace training

Staff at a manufacturing company have been instrumental in improving production and saving thousands of pounds – thanks to workplace training from Coleg Gwent’s business team.

Penny + Giles are a global leader in the supply of joysticks, sensors and solenoids for industrial motion control.

The production engineering team based at Cwmfelinfach, committed to flexible work based training. They have been celebrating their achievements putting the skills they learned from the Sigma Six Green Belt Award into action. Their improvements included a radical change in the layout of the factory floor which has increased production and saved the company £36,000 so far.

The flexible work based training from Coleg Gwent’s business team provided the learners with a thorough understanding of business improvement, which was used to increase productivity.

Penny + Giles gained work force development funding from the Welsh Government to help reduce the cost of training, and made arrangements for staff to complete the training during the working day.

The investment in employee training has been a great success and has changed the attitude of staff who are identifying further areas of improvement. Production engineer and technician Steve Dunstan said: “The project taught me to look at things in a different way, which has helped me to identify problems effectively. I really enjoyed completing the project as it was real world training which was relevant to my work.”

Coleg Gwent’s business team recently relocated to the Royal Chambers in Newport City Centre.

Coleg Gwent's business team have now moved to The Royal Chambers, Newport. You can contact them by calling 01495 333564 or email bookings@coleggwent.ac.uk

News article originally published 27th August 2014
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