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Megan Lewis

Megan Lewis A Levels Tredegar Coleg Gwent

Megan Lewis, 18, Tredegar, A Levels 
I CAN: Get into one of the UK’s top universities
I WILL: Become a teacher and inspire the next generation to reach their potential

Inspired by her own college experience, Megan wants to follow in the footsteps of her lecturers who she describes as “fantastic, supportive and inspiring”. Did she believe becoming a teacher would be possible four years ago? “Gosh no – I didn’t think I’d have the knowledge or the confidence – but college has given me both.”

18 year old A Level student Megan from Tredegar, who is on track to get her place at Cardiff University, can see the difference in herself since she left school: “I’ve certainly come out of my shell and I’m a lot more confident which I think is down to the support I’ve been given, the encouragement I’ve had to achieve my potential and the relationships I’ve got with tutors – feeling like you’re on the same level makes you more comfortable to ask for help.”

As well as the broader choice of subjects college offers, Megan’s also noticed a difference in the way lecturers teach:  “My classes are a lot more interactive than they were at school.  Rather than a teacher just talking and the class making notes, everyone in my classes contribute to discussions.  I think hearing other people’s views provide a more rounded picture which helps when evaluating things in assignments.”

Whilst Megan’s thrived in college, she was nervous to start at college at first – but all her concerns about fitting in, finding her way around and the course being too difficult were soon no longer an issue: “My friends from school all did different subjects so I knew no one in my classes at first but everyone’s in the same boat and now I’ve got loads of friends – old and new.  And whilst the course is challenging, I’ve learned how to manage my time to fit everything in and the lecturers are always there to help.  Plus, I’m a lot more mature than I was in school so I’m much better equipped to deal with things like exams whereas before I used to panic.”

The cost of travel and books is also one less thing for Megan to worry about.  Like many students, Megan receives £30 a month to help with the cost of coming to college: “My EMA helps a lot.  Text books can be expensive but my weekly grant makes studying so much more affordable.
    Megan Lewis A Levels Tredegar Coleg Gwent

“I’ve had so many opportunities at college that I probably wouldn’t have had if my school had a sixth form,” explains Megan, who is will sit her exams in English Language & Literature, Law and Geography this summer.  “I spent a week at Oxford and Cambridge Universities and although I haven’t applied, actually being at the campuses made me start believing in myself and that anything’s possible.”

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