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Martyn Nash

Martyn Nash, Cwmbran, Coleg Gwent

Martyn Nash, 23, Cwmbran
Martyn Nash, Cwmbran, Coleg Gwent    I CAN: Go to uni without having A Levels
I WILL: Get a well-paid job that I enjoy and feel confident I’ll be successful at

Comfortable in comp, Martyn opted to stay on at sixth form so he could stick with his friends.  But having failed his A Levels he decided to do a Level 3 vocational course at Coleg Gwent and is now looking forward to his final year at uni.

“I wish I’d gone to college straight after my GCSEs so I hadn’t effectively wasted two years but I didn’t know you could get into uni without A Levels,” says Martin, from Cwmbran.  “The business course, the work experience and enthusiasm to succeed has encouraged me to believe in myself and made me driven to get a job in marketing.”

Martyn’s view of learning has completely changed since he went to college; he’s realised that in the right environment, with the right support and the right teaching, he can achieve more than he’d believed he could.

“In sixth form we were told we’d be treated like adults but it’s very hard to grow when you’re in the same environment – it was the same school mentality,” explains Martin, now 23. But college is a more mature environment – you have more freedom and independence in your learning but support is never far away. 

"I had more personal support in college than I did in school as having a personal tutor means you have regular catch ups about your progress and you can identify any areas you need to improve before they pose any more problems.”

Martyn didn’t just develop his business skills, but could really see an improvement in his language skills by the end of the course: “Reading some of my assignments between enrolling and completing the course is such a marker of what I learned – my English skills have helped me through uni and will be important skills employers look for when I start applying for jobs.

“Not only has Coleg Gwent helped me achieve the qualifications I needed to get into uni, but I’ve learned so much more – I’m more mature, more confident and more ambitious.”

Martyn’s advice to others deciding on their next step:  “Don’t just follow your friends.  Explore all of your options, think about where you see yourself in 5 years’ time, and do what’s best for you.  And believe in yourself!”

  Martyn Nash, Cwmbran, Coleg Gwent
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