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Mo Nasir

Mo Nasir boxer Coleg Gwent

Mo Nasir, Commonwealth boxer, business owner and ex-Coleg Gwent student 
I CAN: Achieve almost anything if I work hard and stay focussed. 
I WILL: Inspire others to believe in themselves and never give up.

As an elite boxer Mo Nasir has competed at the highest level, travelled the world and has a trophy cabinet that would impress Joe Calzaghe. This, for most, would make it easy to lose perspective, but at his dad’s insistence, Mo studied alongside his training which has always kept him grounded:  “College gave me a solid foundation for what I’ve built today.”

As bronze medallist at the Commonwealth Games in 2006, Mo’s dream of turning professional looked like it could become a reality.  Until the results of an MRI scan revealed a condition that meant Mo, who also studied at Coleg Gwent, couldn’t get the licence he needed:  “I was heartbroken.  I’d proved I had the skills and I’d made it so far but I felt like my dream had been taken away from me.”

Faced with such heartbreak, Mo could have taken the easy route and given up.  But his fighting spirit once again has brought him success and happiness – not just for him, but for those in his community he helps every single day:  “I’ve never been one for giving up, but I also know that things in life don’t always come easy.  As a boxer I trained hard, gave everything I had, strived for my goals and my dedication paid off.  My success was the sum of what I put in to achieving it. So I applied that to a new goal – helping and inspiring other to achieve their goals.”

Mo combined his passion for fitness with his desire to help people and launched Mo’s Boxing & Fitness Academy in Newport in 2011.  It’s not all been plain sailing though:  “It’s been really hard graft.  I sold my car and almost wiped out my savings to finance the venture. The hours I’ve put in and time away from my family were comparable to when I was boxing, but instead of medals and trophies, I get a great sense of pride both in myself and those I’m helping.”

Mo explains his academy is more than just a gym: “My work isn’t about making money.  People can get personal training and access top equipment. But I also help them learn to believe in themselves and to aim high.  If you put the work in, nothing’s beyond your reach. 
    Mo Nasir boxing Coleg Gwent

"I’ve had a quite a few young people come through my doors who were getting in trouble, taking the easy way out.  But I’ve shown them how to focus, stay strong, chase your goals – not just in the gym, but in life.

Mo’s advice to anyone who wants to succeed: “Good things don’t come to those who wait.  They come to those who work hard for it. So take every opportunity you get – to better yourself, to learn, to explore – to make your journey an adventure rather than a challenge.” 

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