IEMA Pathways to Net Zero

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Subject Area
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Net Zero and Sustainability

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Start Date

In a nutshell

The IEMA Pathways to Net Zero course gives clear, consistent guidance on best practices in response to the climate crisis. The course provides supervisors and leaders with a strategic and operational overview of environmental sustainability gifting practical knowledge and skills they can apply to their organisations from day one.

The climate crisis is an urgent issue for everyone. The UK government has set an ambitious target to reach net zero by 2050, and all businesses of all sizes across the globe need to play a part if we are to reach this goal.

This training course is designed for all sizes of businesses starting their journey towards sustainability, with an emphasis on responding to net zero and carbon neutrality. It sets out the business case and imperative for cutting emissions, and explains practical, focused ways to decarbonize.

This course is available as part of a Personal Learning Account (PLA). PLA is an initiative from the Welsh Government which offers people the chance to access free, part-time courses with flexible and convenient learning that fits around their existing lifestyle (subject to eligibility).

This course is for...

... anyone over 19, living in Wales and in employment. The usual salary limit of £30,596 does not apply for this course.

... anyone who needs to gain a deeper understanding of the principles of Net Zero, including Greenhouse Gas Accounting, Net Zero planning and Net Zero across the Value Chain.

Course content

This course is ideally suited for supervisors and managers across all sectors and has no formal entry requirements, however it is strongly preferred that the candidate is in a practising role that will allow them to deeply understand the topics explored throughout the course.

The course is delivered as follows:.


Element 1 - Why Net Zero?

Element 2 - Responding to Net Zero

Element 3 - Greenhouse gas accounting

Element 4 - Carbon Neutrality

Element 5 - Net Zero Methodologies

Element 6 - Developing a decarbonisation plan

Element 7 - Net zero across the value chain

Element 8 - Communicating net zero


The assessment is completed at the end of the eLearning course.

The assessment for IEMA Pathways to Net Zero course consists of an online 20 question multiple choice test. You need 14 correct answers to pass the course.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal requirements, however it is important that learners have a suitable standard of English language in order to understand and articulate the concepts contained in the syllabus.

No prior experience or knowledge is required although it may help to have covered the IEMA Foundation Certificate syllabus in addition to this course.

Additional information

This course is delivered by eLearning. This means that you should be motivated to study in a self-paced, self-organised manner using an internet enabled device.

The course includes an exam which is invigilated online and you need to have access to an internet enabled device with a microphone and a webcam.

Course length is approx. 10 hours with 6 months online access provided (including sitting the exam).

Where can I study IEMA Pathways to Net Zero?


All courses may be subject to change and cancelled if deemed not viable to run.

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