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Access/Pathway to Degrees

Access/Pathway to Degrees at Coleg Gwent, South Wales

Access/Pathway to Degree

It’s never too late to learn and change your life.

A university degree is achievable even if you don’t have any previous qualifications. Our Pathway to Degree courses can help you prepare to study at degree level.

Also known as Access to Higher Education courses, you can choose from a range of pathways to get you onto your chosen degree course and on the track to success, and even that dream job.

You’ll be taught study skills – learning how to approach study and the different techniques that you’ll need to be a successful student. The whole package of units will have been designed to ensure that you’re thoroughly equipped for studying at university.

Many people are nervous when they start an Access to HE course, particularly if they haven’t been in a classroom for some time. Tutors are aware of this and take it into account in their teaching; you won’t be ‘thrown in at the deep end’ or tested on things which you forgot years ago.

Though you can expect the course to be challenging, the whole purpose of an Access to HE course is to help you to be successful. The Access to HE course will help you to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to prepare you for university, without any assumptions about what you may have done in the past.

We also offer a Pre-Access course which focuses on academic skills to enable learners to progress to Access courses.



Access to HE

    Agored Cymru Access to HE - Nursing, Medical and Health Care Studies Level 3
    Blaenau Gwent Learning Zone, Pontypool Campus   Full Time

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