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Teambuilding provides a sporting start to the term

Teambuilding provides a sporting start to the term

A partnership between Coleg Gwent and Cwmbran Stadium means that students based at Usk Campus will have the best of both worlds when it comes to studying sport, fitness and public services.
Head of School of Wellbeing, Helen Morgan said: “We are thrilled to have an excellent partnership with Cwmbran Stadium to ensure our learners get the best experience of a professional academy style environment whilst achieving A Level standard qualifications.”
Our students have both practical and theoretical sessions on a weekly basis at the Stadium where they benefit from the fabulous facilities and advanced fitness testing and training methods.”
Over 100 new sport, fitness, public services and outdoor adventure students had their first visit to the stadium as part of an induction which included teambuilding problem solving activities as well as taking part in sport sessions to test their skills and agility levels.     
The students are based at Usk which is well located to deliver a range of adventure activities which include the theoretical and practical aspects of gorge walking, mountain biking, climbing, canoeing and kayaking. 
“The interest in sport related careers is increasing, and research shows that sport is contributing significantly in terms of economic activity and employment, as well as having health and happiness benefits. It’s not too late to start a college course this month and anyone who is thinking this could be a career for them should check out our website and call the college,” added Helen Morgan.
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