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Fast Track

Fast Track

The Fast track courses (Mynediad Fast track/Sylfaen Fast track) include one three hour session in class, and one hour on-line study. During the first year (Mynediad Fast track), learners will cover 30 units of work with one unit being covered every week. The final 30 units of work (Sylfaen Fast track) will be covered during the second year.


The course is designed to enable the learners to use basic phrases in both the present and past tense very early on in the course so that learners are able to converse in the classroom without the use of English after only a few weeks. Although conversational Welsh is the main aim of the course, learners also get a chance to practise reading, writing and listening skills.


At the end of the first year learners have the option of sitting their first examination at Mynediad (Entry) level at no extra cost. And at the end of the second year, the choice to sit the Sylfaen (Foundation) level of examination.


Although learning Welsh through the Fast track courses requires a fair amount of commitment and drive from the learner, it can also give back a lot of satisfaction as progression is rapid. The classes are hard working with the pace being fast and steady but the methods of teaching are fun, informal and enjoyable.

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